Our Story

Salty Gypsy was created for all the wildflowers and wanderer on this earth and represents an enchanting flowy wardrobe embracing a colorful life and a mindset of freedom. Our vision is to inspire with attention to detail and a sustainable approach in this fast moving world. We align the beauty of natural fabrics and color palettes celebrating a dreamy outlook on life with the endless opportunities this beautiful planet has to offer while showing gratefulness for all its natural resources.

We believe in empowering women to feel their most beautiful celebrating their uniqueness and hope that our creations bring a little sparkle of sunshine into your everyday life aimed to make everyday as beautiful as possible.

The founder Mareen has had a decade long passion for resortwear. Traveling the world for more than 6 years wearing only boho dresses of comfy materials herself she realized the niche market and lack of handmade natural garments and flower prints availability in Europe which set the birth of Salty Gypsy.

Besides the individual designs, the supply chain has been a key factor for Mareen in the process. Being considerate to our planet we selected 3 different factories in Bali that only work with natural fabrics and are specialized in different garments to ensure the best quality of the final product while being responsible to our planet. All our designs are hand crafted in Bali with much love and attention to detail being aligned with our core philosophy to make designs that are not only candy for the eye but also for the heart.

Salty Gypsy is not a brand it’s a feeling of life.

Its always summer somewhere and we hope to turn your summer into long lasting memories with our beautiful creations.